Torrell Glinton Portraits
Torrell Glinton Portraits

Point & Shoot cameras must be one of the greatest inventions in recent times. With their increased portability, reduced price and ever advancing technology they have made photography accessible to anyone. However, this increase has resulted in more images of lunch, pets and parties rather than memorable life moments. Perhaps the fault of these cameras is the omission of an important step in the photographic process from their name; Focus.

My name is Torrell Glinton, the photographer behind T. Glinton Photography (www.tglinton.com). Hailing from the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, I have a passion for photography and everything to do with it!
If I had to choose, weddings and family sessions bring the most fulfillment. My shoots are meant to capture emotions and reflect both the intimacy and relationships of my subjects. As long as the lighting is right however, I’ll pretty much turn any regular activity into an opportunity to shoot

My blog serves as an outlet for my life, my work, and my experiences… from behind the lens.

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  1. Eve Saunders says:

    YAY!!! Excellent Bro!!! Congratulations on your website. :-).

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