Sunday Surprise


I first met Carola not long after I started in photography. She had messaged me about being her wedding photographer whenever it was that she got married. About a month ago i finally got that opportunity.

Carola and Terrence had told the kids that they were going to The Island House for dinner and a family portrait. Little did they know that they were about to be witness a beautiful  intimate wedding ceremony between their parents.

I hope you enjoy the images. Carola & Terrence001_wm

Carola & Terrence004_wm

Carola & Terrence007_wm

Carola & Terrence010_wm

Carola & Terrence014_wm

Carola & Terrence017_wm

Carola & Terrence023_wm

Carola & Terrence028_wm


Carola & Terrence030_wm

Carola & Terrence034 tag

Carola & Terrence040 tag

Carola & Terrence061 tag

Carola & Terrence057_wm

Carola & Terrence056 tag


Carola & Terrence064 tagCarola & Terrence085 copy

Carola & Terrence094 tag

Carola & Terrence095 tag

Carola & Terrence104 tag

Carola & Terrence112 tag

Carola & Terrence113 tagCarola & Terrence118 tag

Carola & Terrence126tagCarola&Terrence120


Carola & Terrence140 tag

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anthonique says:

    Beautiful, meet her in college. Beautiful spirit.

  2. This is truly beautiful.

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