In the years since i first began the kinky project i’ve met many women from all different walks of life with interesting hair journeys.
One thing that seemed to ring true for many of them was the ‘awkward phase’.


This refers to a period when a naturalistas hair is at a stage of growth that doesn’t easily style or and in some cases is similar to a traditional men’s haircut


Some people choose to dress this style up with makeup and accessories until they come into a lush and glorious fro.

I have no issue with those who do this as i can recall the awkward phase of growing my dreadlocks.


I’m simply of the belief that it should all be celebrated; the Big Chop, the awkward phase, the glorious fro, the unmanageable curls and perhaps the long flowing locs.

Hence the hashtag #LoveYourLength


In producing the promotional images for this post one of the models; namely Francine Russell pointed out its deeper meaning.

Loving your length is about celebrating your now in life; appreciating what you have while continuing to strive for a far off goal.


To that end i will be producing a new series of images for The Kinky Project #3.
I’m looking for about 5 men and 10 women with natural hair be it dreadlocks, afros, buzzcuts or curls.


If you’re interested please send me an email at tglintonphoto@gmail.com with the subject line Kinky Project 3 containing a recent headshot and your cell phone number.


Until then enjoy these images and #loveyourlength


Makeup: Ewurabena Appiah
Video/Grip: Stephen Hanna
Photography: Torrell Glinton

One Comment Add yours

  1. lexxbrown says:

    I would love to work on this project, if my possible. Keep up the good work!

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