Michael & Joey

Michael & Joey

For locals and tourists alike, the Graycliff compound is a place where lovers connect and reconnect. Its romantic ambiance was the perfect backdrop for engagement photos for my latest clients, Michael and Joey.

After a five-year courtship, the couple – who will tie the knot this Friday – let their love for each other and the property, guide the shoot.

A locksmith and surveillance specialist by profession, Michael met Joey, an attorney, through mutual friends and a cordial conversation blossomed into the relationship they have today.


But Michael’s Christmas 2014 proposal was not so fluid.
“When I decided to propose to Joey it was spur of the moment…,” he said. “I had the ring and knew I wanted to marry her but I didn’t take the time to plan a proposal.”
For Joey, the memory is a spontaneous delight though she admits that she cannot remember exactly what Michael said.

“I can hardly ever tell this right,” she laughed. “After exchanging Christmas gifts, he walks into the living room all smiles… very red face and says something about our love and wanting to make me his wife. He then got down on one knee pulling a lilt the navy blue box out of his pocket and popped the question. After being completely overwhelmed and in disbelief I said yes!”

Both avid lovers of the water, the couple was nervous before the photo shoot. Graycliff in fact was an early option for their wedding reception and the couple had already fallen in love with the venue.





“I was really pleased with how the day went,” said Michael. “I’ve never felt very photogenic and before the session I was quite nervous.”
But worries quickly turned into excitement on the sunny day. Joey was particularly happy with the outcome.




“I have not ever seen Michael be as relaxed as he was while on property,” she said. “He owned the day and that makes me feel really, really pleased. I figured having an engagement shoot on the property would be very special to us both as Michael is quite intimate and I LOVE nature. I knew he would enjoy a session at Graycliff and I also thought that it would be special to him if we incorporated the venue into our wedding somehow.”



“Michael and I are very excited about the photos you produced,” she said. We honestly left the session satisfied and with no regrets and we’d be happy to do it all over again.”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yellawillow says:

    What a beautiful couple!

  2. Tasha says:

    Nice!!! The couple look so happy! Love the pictures and the write up.

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