Bahamian Bridal Beauties

Some of the best shoots I’ve ever done have been with brides.

Their happiness and exuberance about beginning a new chapter in their lives, coupled with the multiple personalities that comprise their bridal parties, make for an energetic shoot.

I now know that shooting bridal gowns can be just as over the top when you have the right combination of time, place and a great team to work with. That was the case when I did an awesome double session with ILashan Apparel for the introduction of their bridal couture line recently.


The label, created by designer, Indira Moss, took me to a couple of cool locations for the shoot – the Ardastra Gardens entryway in Chippingham and the La Mouette beach house on West Bay Street.


La Mouette

Villas on the beach in this country are great as backdrops. Shooting during the week is always a challenge but this beach home in Delaport was a great location to shoot with our first model, former Miss Bahamas Universe, Celeste Marshall.Celeste174-Edit

Celeste’s a beautiful woman and I was sure we would come out with great shots even if we had to shoot in darkness. And, she was a trooper. Unseasonably cold weather brought fierce winds to our beachy backdrop along with choppy waves that threatened our first backdrop as the tide came crashing in.Celeste187

She modeled two dresses for the label. The first one, for me, was designed for brides looking to try something a little new. I’ve never seen a wedding dress with the midriff exposed but it was fun to capture.


The dress is a great pairing for a beach wedding and may not be for the most traditional bride but if a bride were proud of her six-pack, I could definitely see her using it.

The second dress was an instant hit for me. It was very elegant and draws inspiration from the leaves of a Seagrape tree. The short, airy dress was fun to shoot. The leaf detailing on the dress was a refreshing inspiration and gave the dress an island feel.Celeste333-Edit





A few days later I got to work with Jacklyn Frazer (Jackie). ILashan took an eclectic turn with the plus-sized dress opting for bronze instead of the traditional white as a dress colour.


DSC_9917-Edit-1It was a race to capture daylight but that actually proved to be a good thing. Because of the dress’ colour, the muted light from the street lights added a shimmer to the dress and highlighted the detailing of the material used. What I loved most about Jakcie’s dress was that it could function for more than a wedding. I could see her going to a ball in the gown.

In both cases, we had a little time to work with after the models got dressed, but I wasn’t worried. It was a race to get enough shots in the light


All the dresses exuded a different style of elegance and I can’t wait to see what else ILashan has to offer for brides everywhere.

Celeste’s Makeup : Lucena Sawyer
Location: La Mouette
Floral Arrangements: Shana Edgcombe
Wardrobe: Ilashan
Styling: Indira Moss
Photography: Torrell Glinton
Grip: Vanessa Clark

Jackie’s Makeup: Jacklyn Frazer
Location: Chippingham Road
Wardrobe: Ilashan
Styling: Indira Moss
Photography: Torrell Glinton
Grip: Vanessa Clark

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