Love from the skies

There’s an infectious easiness to the passion Ryan and Doug have for each other. It made their engagement shoot that much more enjoyable.  

RyDoug000Set at the Jet Aviation Bahamas hangar at the Lynden Pindling International Airport complex, there were a lot of firsts with this shoot. For one, I had never done an airport shoot before and two – we had a narrow window to complete this session. It was literally a race to beat the sun while avoiding being ousted for an arriving/departing flight.RyDoug002

But, the happy bride and groom-to-be were definitely on board for the challenge.



RyDoug001Ryan and Doug’s jet-set themed shoot, both seemed to be nervous in the beginning, but they both quickly warmed up to being on camera once we got started.





RyDoug013“To be honest, I was not that excited because I am not big on taking staged pictures,” Doug admitted, “but I know Ryan was soooooo excited about it so I wanted to be excited for it too, just for her. During the shoot though I have to admit it was really fun. [I] did not think it would have been so much fun. The photographer allowed us to be comfortable and just captured us being ourselves. I loved the approach he took. We totally enjoyed it!”  




The network engineer met his soon to be bride on a trip to Trinidad Carnival just two years ago. They were virtually inseparable ever since. Well almost.RyDoug022

RyDoug020 copy


RyDoug025With Ryan living in New Providence and Doug residing in Atlanta, Georgia, airports have become a staple for the ‘Coming to America’ fans’ growing relationship. It’s what made their airport shoot so special.



RyDoug026“… Our relationship is built on traveling. We met in a different country than where we live so we are constantly traveling just to spend time with each other. If there is one place that we know … it is an airport!”




RyDoug_46 copy

And, as fate would have it, Doug used the very method of traveling to Miami Carnival as his special way of proposing to Ryan thanks to a few great friends.  


Ryan barely heard a thing.


He proposed at our hotel before we went on the road,” the vibrant attorney reminisced. “He had people hold up signs saying “Will You Make Me the Happiest Man Alive?” I turned around, and there he was, on one knee. I don’t remember hearing what he said except “So you know…” and I was saying, “Yes yes yes!” 

RyDoug043So far, it’s been an epic ride for the adventurous couple and they’re both eagerly looking forward to the adventure that awaits them in marriage.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Audrey Hanna says:

    Oj n Ryan this is so beautiful may God guide u all in everything u all do God bless.

  2. Michaela says:

    This is so Ryan 🙂
    Happy for you both!
    Lovely couple, beautiful shots

  3. Shari Albury says:

    I really love this!!!!!

  4. Ava says:

    Love your chemistry. You two will make each other really happy.

  5. Paula cunningham says:

    Congratulation Ryan&doug….wising you two every blessings from our God!!!.

  6. lovelyull!! Ry and Doug

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