Much like a lot of my other creative friends one of my favourite spots to think, create,  edit (and enjoy free wifi) is at a Starbucks.DSC_5678_v2
So there i was one afternoon sipping on my white chocolate mocha cappuccino when i turned to my right and saw the lovely Jade Thompson.

I spotted her sitting at the table next to me and had to ask her if she would shoot with me.
Once she agreed i already knew that i wanted the shoot to really highlight the beauty of her skin. DSC_5669_v2

My only issue was figuring out where to shoot it.


Quite some time later i happened across friend and fellow photographer Shawn Hanna’s instagram which showed his studio #thekingdom which seemed perfect for the shoot.


So here they are. Tell me what you think. DSC_5735_v2

This set also marks the debut of my brand new logo.  Do you like it?

DSC_5750_v2DSC_5710_v2 copy DSC_5770_v2

DSC_5738_v2 DSC_5774_v2 DSC_5803_v2

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  1. jademakeda says:

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I Just decided to grow out my hair but these photos make me want to cut off my hair again! Awesome work!

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