Why Breathe

I suffered from asthma for years as a child. I’m all too familiar with the panicked feeling of struggling for air not knowing if a breath would be my last. I’m also familiar with the relief that comes from an inhaler or being hooked up to an oxygen tank all night at the local walk in clinic.


Those experiences helped me to realize the importance of the things we often take for granted such as something as simple and essential as air. Thankfully the frequency of those sudden attacks has subsided in my adulthood but seem to have presented themselves in other ways.


Recently my weekly schedule became a bit too routine.   40+ hours of  completing assignments, meeting deadlines and making headlines (while attempting  not  becoming one) would just leave me frustrated and tired.  The only time I would truly feel relief is during my shoots on weekends when I would be shooting what I love.  Image

The purpose of this blog is to share and highlight those moments of relief that make life worth living for me whether they be experienced through my photography, fitness, food, or literature.

This first entry comes from an idea that I had for a while but could never manage to arrange all of the details for.  Luckily one day Dana Smith, Edward Russell III and I were all on one accord and were able to set out and make it happen.

Let me know what you think.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Toneika S. Russell says:

    One word: BEAUTIFUL!!! I must admit that I’m addicted to your blog already! The writing was nicely done and the photos are exquisite! Now I see why you were so excited to do a certain person’s photo shoot!! . Once again, this is amazing and I look forward to viewing more in the near future! Congrats to a job well done : ) Signed: Toneika S. Russell

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