Collage After Hours

A collage is an artistic composition made of various materials such as paper, cloth, or wood glued on a surface. Bahamians are more familiar with the term being used to describe the hilarious troupe of performers known for the RBP and the Stop Likin Man series.

Collage is funny. Many of us have experienced their videos. The scenarios include an array of gut-busting situations; from our almost daily struggle with our power company, to seeing 10 guys riding in the same car trying to talk to one girl, to paying for the bus with a $100 bill (I didn’t have change!) Collage produces videos that serve as a reflection on Bahamian society. These reflections give us permission to laugh at ourselves and hope to evoke change.

I’m proud to be one of the few who can say that they were down with this eclectic bunch since the ever so humble beginning. My experience with Collage dates back to when rehearsals were held in the corner of whatever room was available at the church often on the same night as choir practice and bible study.

Rehearsals served as a time to pour my heart out and refine my skills in acting, photography and writing. I developed strong bonds with other positive people who were passionately pursuing their purpose in the arts. After working an 8 hour day and spending additional hours learning lines until the security cut the lights, when it was all over, everyone wanted to stick around. We would look forward to sharing jokes before we all piled into our leader’s Altima for the long ride home and repeating the cycle the following week.

I believe the secret to Collage’s success is tri-fold; passion, purpose and fellowship. Passion got us started, purpose kept us focused and fellowship kept us moving…together.

“Get Charlie” Collage’s newest project will be showing at Galleria Cinemas this month. The film will be Collage’s first full length feature to have a theatrical release. As this is their first piece to hit the ‘big screen’, they have stepped up their production values considerably and viewers will be exposed to both their  comedic and dramatic sides. Many of us have watched their you-tube videos over and over until we knew the lines by heart so I can only imagine what they will bring their viewers with over an hour of material. I’d advise you to check it out at Galleria Cinema’s  JFK this November 28th and 29th.




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